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Ad Tester

Debug your ad tags or test JW Player's video ad capabilities using our VAST MP4, VPAID 1, VPAID 2, and Google IMA sample tags.

Advertising Setup

Select a playback mode, ad client, and ad tag to setup a test player and view a log of all ad events as they fire. Use a sample tag or setup the player with your own ad tag to verify that it works as expected. If you experience any issues, follow the steps for "Debugging Ad Tags" below.

Playback Mode

Ad Client

Ad Tag

* Please note that Flash is being deprecated across the industry. If your ads only work with Flash, we suggest talking to your ad providers about moving toward HTML5.

Test Output

# To run test: select configs, click `Apply`, play
To run test: select configs, click "Apply", play
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Debugging Ad Tags

  1. Select a Player version. The ad tester will re-load with the latest release of the selected version.
  2. Supply your own ad tag and/or compare against one of our sample tags.
  3. If the tag displays appropriately, great! If not, try toggling some of the settings to see if you can get it to work.
  4. If you can't get it to work with any of the setting combinations, try testing with the Google IMA Ad Inspector. Generally, if it doesn't work in the IMA Ad inspector it's unlikely that it will work with JW Player, so you should reach out to your ad provider or try comparing your tag against some of our sample tags to see what went wrong.
  5. If you're familiar with our JavaScript API, select "Copy Config" and paste the information into the JW Player Event Inspector. You can use this tool to dig into the ad events and try to narrow down the problem.